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WatSup Systems is using its own research expertise to develop a sensitive and selective fouling monitor. Several detection techniques, such as absorption/reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy, oxygen and pressure sensors are combined. This results in robust and user friendly products that allow real-time and on-line monitoring and analysis surface fouling in filtration units and cooling systems.


Advantages of the WatSup Systems fouling monitor:


Online, real time measurements at operational conditions

Simplicity of operation and ease of use

Extended operational periods (years) without requiring support

Integrated sensors without moving parts

Compact and robust design

Long-term stability

WatSup systems offers monitors tailored to observe and analyze fouling of surfaces in filtration units and cooling systems. The monitors are constructed in such a way that they mimic hydrodynamic conditions within the systems of study. The monitor will be connected parallel to your systems and will have a feed water supply equal to the systems to be monitored.


The monitor allows non-intrusive detection and differentiation of fouling types by the use of non-intrusive optical analysis of the fouling material combined with the measurements of pressure drop over the monitor. This means that there is no need to open up the monitor to detect and analyze fouling. The WatSup Systems monitor also includes oxygen sensors to monitor biological activity based on oxygen consumption.


The monitor is equipped with inspection windows to measure absorption/ reflectance and fluorescence to qualitatively analyze fouling types.  This is done with a hand-held spectrophotometer provided with the monitor.  Absorption/reflection patterns are indicative for different types of precipitation, organic as well as inorganic and can be used to determine different fractions in the fouled layer. The different absorption/reflection and fluorescence spectra will be uploaded to the provided database and analyzed. Based on the measurements the fouling type will be determined.


Furthermore the monitor will quantify overall fouling by measurements of the pressure drop over the monitor. The overall measurements will allow quantitative and qualitative analyses of the fouling and will enable operators to determine the right measures to treat the fouling inside the systems.



WatSup Systems manufacture selective fouling monitors based on several detection techniques such as absorption/reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy, combined with oxygen and pressure sensors. Our monitors can also be used to detect in early stages to determine fouling on-line, non-intrusive in desalination plant, heat exchangers and research.

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